Saturday, July 25, 2009


LIFE IS SWEET AND SOUR, ISN'T IT? We are seeking a balance in this life between vigilance against social injustice and, basically, HAPPINESS and SELF-ACTUALIZATION and the L Word - L O V E...The recipe for this balance between SWEET and SOUR is not in a cookbook but is in each one of us: Faith and Hope and Charity with a healthy pinch of "works of mercy" and a genuine sense of compassion for one another.





OR is it retaliation against a whistle-blower?

YOU be the Judge, and, better yet, THE JURY...

Wayne Dennis Kurtz.


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Raising money to help children
The Sun, San Bernardino, Calif.; Oct 26, 2006; Matt Wrye ; 521 Words ...Medical Center Children's Ward and Burn Unit and Children's Miracle Network...medical end of it." Raising moneyfor burn unit patients...than just about raising money. "It's to bring...Reyes said. The money raised this year...employees visited the children's cancer ...
Children's Miracle Network Raises $192.4 Million; Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Raises Over $2 Million.
PR Newswire; Jun 7, 1999; 437 Words LOS ANGELES, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Childrens Hospital Los Angeles enjoyed its...member of the Children's Miracle Network (CMN), raising$2,153,037...that all money raised locally...Florida. Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is excited...and CEO of ...
Los Angeles Council Chooses Site for Children's Museum.
Daily News (Los Angeles, California) (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News); Oct 8, 2003; 372 Words ...Orlov Oct. 8--The Los Angeles City Council abandoned plans for Children's Museum facilities...because of fund-raising problems and chose...that the original Children's Museum downtown...difficulty in raising the more than...president of the Children's Museum. Corwin...expected ...
AbilityFirst Children and Adults with Disabilities Take on Challenge of Los Angeles Marathon with Support from Presenting Sponsor Comerica Bank.
PR Newswire; Feb 19, 2008; 700+ Words ...Disabilities LOS ANGELES, Feb. 19...Park at the Los Angeles Sports Arena...event of the Los Angeles Marathon, raising funds for...Charity of theLos Angeles Marathon...the largest Los Angeles Marathon...commitment to children, teens ...
Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club to Receive a Quarter of a Million Dollar Grant at Annual Holiday Party; More Than 1,500 Children to Benefit.
Business Wire; Dec 12, 2001; 387 Words ...needs of Los Angeles youth, the city of Los Angeles, Councilman Ed Reyes and Los Angeles Boys and Girls...grant to the Los Angeles Boys and Girls...years. The award money marks the largest...more than 1,500 children from the Lincoln...award to the ...
Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club to Receive a Quarter of a Million Grant at Annual Holiday Party; More Than 1,500 Children to Benefit.
Business Wire; Dec 11, 2001; 387 Words ...needs of Los Angeles youth, the city of Los Angeles, Councilman Ed Reyes and Los Angeles Boys and Girls...grant to the Los Angeles Boys and Girls...years. The award money marks the largest...more than 1,500 children from the Lincoln...award to the ...
Education panic in the playground. (pressure on parents to place children in top Los Angeles pre-schools)
Los Angeles Magazine; Apr 1, 1998; Kelleher, Kathleen ; 700+ Words ...of small children, drawn to...scars of raising kids -- bags...have their children lining up...not send me money. For some...Circle of Children in Santa...have older children. not people...for their children they might...
Eva Longoria Parker Participates in 5k Run/Walk to Raise Money for Children With Cancer and Offers Support to Univision Talent Fernando Del Rincon's Cancer Diagnosis.
PR Newswire; Jun 2, 2008; 500 Words ...diagnosis. LOS ANGELES, June for children with cancer...Walk at the Los Angeles Memorial...walkers in raising more than...the greater LosAngeles area. I of children with cancer...including your children, to have...thousands of ...
Child Support Is More Than Simply Money, Says Filmmaker, Angelo Lobo.
PR Newswire; Aug 8, 2008; 525 Words LOS ANGELES, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire...that millions of children of divorce or separation...supporting their children; they already are...families unjustly. Thechildren suffer the, women, and children. The situation is...and support their children, who are ...
A Day on the Green for Neil Bogart Memorial Fund; Annual Golf Tournament Raises Money for Children's Cancer, Leukemia and AIDS Research.
PR Newswire; May 1, 2003; 645 Words ...that raises money for giving children a and raising money to support...research labs at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Our goal...research at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. Their seed...commitment to Childrens Hospital ...
Trike-a-Thon raises money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Whittier Daily News; May 4, 2009; Sandra T. Molina ; 321 Words raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, a children's cancer...averaged raising $2,000 per...firefighters ofLos Angeles County Station...They earned money with a flat...check or money order made...St. Jude Children's Research...
Child Support Money Mired in a Mega-Bankruptcy
The Washington Post; Mar 27, 1992; Michelle Singletary ; 700+ Words ...supposed to forward the money to her. Other people...a U.S. trustee in Los Angeles, who is overseeing...Macy's deducted money from 57,000 employee...didn't forward the money to the could release money deducted for child...petition to allow money such as that ...
Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles Tee-Off to Raise Spirits and Money With Their 10th Annual '18 Pockets of Joy' Golf Tournament.
PR Newswire; May 11, 2005; 501 Words ...Max Straus LOS ANGELES, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Raising the spirits of local children through a...Sisters of Los Angeles will host...the at-riskchildren of Los Angeles. Tournament...Sisters of Los Angeles (JBBBSLA...underserved children ...
Spotlight: childcare: The gift that just keeps costing; Parents spend, on average, pounds 6700 a year raising children.(Business)
Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); Sep 27, 2005; 598 Words Byline: BY ALEX MORGAN MONEY may be no object for...birth at an exclusive Los Angeles hospital was said to...rate of 20 per cent. All children born after August 31...Investments' popular tax-free Children's Bond ties you in for...holidays or activity camps; MONEY PIT: ...
Science: Brave New Babies; Parents now have the power to choose the sex of their children. But as technology answers prayers, it's raising some troubling questions.(Cover Story)
Newsweek International; Feb 2, 2004; Kalb, Claudia Nadeau, Barbie Schafer, Sarah ; 700+ Words ...Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles, headed by Dr. Jeffrey Steinberg...a powerful drive to havechildren of their own genetic stripe...spending huge amounts of money on treatments. Doctors of them offering money-back guarantees. In the...
Raising awareness: Lisa Ling travels the world to help disadvantaged women, children.
Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA); May 6, 2006; 700+ Words ...villages to kidnap children. But late last month...the plight of the children of Uganda. On Monday...disadvantaged women andchildren living right here...she drives through Los Angeles. The way I see local women and children. This year organizers...soldiers while their ...
Daily News (Los Angeles, CA); Aug 6, 1998; 485 Words ...Campaign. The money will make...true for children with life-threateni...forward and raising money for purely...organized a fund-raising campaign...action. Two children - Rachel...his fund-raising goal. `` or fund raising, Nardoni...especially his own ...
Daily News (Los Angeles, CA); Oct 13, 2001; 439 Words ...Bush's call for children to raise for the children of Afghanistan...Afghanistan. Fund-raising efforts at...attention to raisingmoney for Afghan children who are suffering...terrorism. ``The children in Afghanistan...for Afghan Children, The White...
Daily News (Los Angeles, CA); Jun 3, 1997; 700+ Words participate in a movie suitable for children as young as her 3-1/2-year-old daughter...species that can be reared much like humanchildren. Trudy, as she's called in the movie...a smart businesswoman, making as much money as I can for the short amount of ride...
Daily News (Los Angeles, CA); Sep 22, 1996; 539 Words ...a lot of money. Specifically...outlay their children will require...has six children, ages 13...before their children are born...amount ofmoney I was putting...of having children, said economist...The older children are, the...
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CRJ 181J: Criminal Law

Spring 2009

Prof. Panneton

California State University, Sacramento Criminal Justice Division



Course: CRJ 181J-01, Solano Hall 2002

TTh Noon-1:15 pm

Office: Alpine Hall, Room 107

Office Hours: TTh 1:30-3 pm, W 2-5 pm

Phone: (916) 278-6387; (916) 996-2821


Website: Accessible via the CSUS-Faculty

Websites or the Criminal Justice Division -

Faculty links.

Required Text

1. Trusted Criminals: White Collar Crime In Contemporary Society, 3rd Edition, by David O.


2. Current Perspectives: Readings From InfoTrac College Edition, White Collar Crime, Nicole

Piquero, 2008 (Supplement to Friedrichs Text)

Required Readings

Students will also be responsible for various outside readings that will be assigned two weeks prior

to class discussion. Additional readings may be distributed in class.

Course Description

CRJ 181B. White Collar Crime. This course will introduce students to a variety of white collar

crime issues, including definitional complexities, the causes, frequency and impact of economic

crime, and victim and offender profiles. Governmental corruption, organizational fraud, consumer

and environmental offenses, anti-trust violations and international schemes will be covered.

Students will also become familiar with the methods used to investigate, prosecute and sentence

white collar offenders. Policy considerations will be discussed for controlling national and

international white collar crime.

Goals and Objectives

By the conclusion of this course, students will:

1. Be able to define white collar crime, distinguish it from other types of crime and be familiar with

the difficulty in measuring the occurrence of these offenses and their associated costs.

2. Understand the types of conduct constituting white collar offenses by exploring various historical


3. Be familiar with various theories for the causes of white collar crime on both the individual and

organizational levels.

4. Analyze the complexities of investigating and prosecuting white collar offenders by examining

hypothetical fraud and corruption schemes.

5. Understand the far ranging impact of white collar crime, particularly with reference to

globalization, international monetary markets and state-corporate complicity in illegal conduct.

Page 2 of 7

6. Describe various policy and legislative initiatives for combating white collar crime and the

resulting ethical considerations flowing from the initiatives.

Course Methodology

This course will be taught in a seminar format with extensive class discussion, reliance on case

studies, outside reading and contemporary cases of white collar crime interest. Lectures may include the

use of power-point presentations and overheads. Guest speakers will provide students with practical

realities regarding the investigation and prosecution of white collar crime.

Student Evaluation

Students will be graded on the basis of their participation in classroom discussions, their written

responses to questions presented by the case studies, a mid-term, a final exam as well as maintenance of a

white collar crime journal.

A. Students will be required to prepare written responses to questions posed from two different case

studies during the semester. The typed responses must be 500 to 750 words and double spaced.

Additional research to answer the questions is encouraged, but outside sources must be properly cited.

B. Students will be required to keep a weekly journal, consisting of an article covering any aspect of

white collar crime from a newspaper or magazine. Students must also type a written reaction to the article,

approximately 250 words. The student’s reaction may address issues, concepts and principles of white

collar crime that are addressed in the course. The article selected may include stories about offenders,

crimes, prosecutions and/or sanctions. Each week, two students will be selected in the class to review their

weekly white collar journal entries. All students will be required to report on their journal entries at least

once during the semester. The journal should be maintained in a binder which contains the articles and the

student reactions for each week of class. The journal will be collected at the end of the semester for

grading purposes.

Attendance and Participation

This course will involve a great deal of class discussion. As such, attendance and participation in

class will represent a portion of your grade. I expect all students to be prepared to discuss each assigned

reading prior to class.


1. Class Participation

2. Mid-Term Exam

3. Final Exam

4. White Collar Crime Journal

5. Case Studies Assignments (2)






Total: 100%

Page 3 of 7

Grading Scale

A: 93-100% of total points

A-: 90-92%

B+: 87-89%

B: 83-86%

B-: 80-82%

C+: 77-79%

C: 73-76%

C-: 70-72%

D+: 67-69%

D: 63-66%

D-: 60-62%


There will be two exams. The types of questions may include multiple-choice, short answer, and

essay in any combination. Exam questions may be drawn from all sources, including the required text,

lectures, class handouts, class discussions, and required court opinions.

There will be NO make-up exams except for extraordinary and documented reasons.

Exams will be on the following dates:

(1) Exam No. 1: March 19, 2009

(2) Exam No. 2: Week of May 16, 2009 (exact time to be announced)

Disability Accommodation

If you have a disability and require accommodation, you need to provide disability documentation

to SSWD, Lassen Hall, Room 1008, telephone (916) 278-6955. Please discuss your accommodation needs

with me after class or during my office hours early in the semester.

Academic Dishonesty

If you engage in any form of academic dishonesty, including but not limited to, copying,

plagiarism, cheating, or any other form of misrepresentation, you will receive zero points for that

assignment and other sanctions as deemed appropriate by the professor, including but not limited to,

deduction of points from the final course grade or a grade of F in the course.


Content/Analysis: 80% of the total score

Organization/Grammar/Spelling: 20% of the total score

A - Excellent Answer:

• Accurately addresses the question.

• Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the issues.

• Incorporates all applicable case law and legal principles in the discussion.

• Demonstrates coherent organization.

• Contains no grammatical or spelling errors.

B - Strong Answer:

• Accurately addresses the question.

• Demonstrates a good understanding of the issues.

• Incorporates some of the applicable case law and legal principles in the discussion.

• Demonstrates coherent organization.

• Contains minimal grammatical or spelling errors.

C - Adequate Answer

• Adequately addresses the question.

Page 4 of 7

• Demonstrates an adequate understanding of the issues.

• Incorporates several of the applicable case law and legal principles in the discussion.

• Demonstrates coherent organization.

• Contains several grammatical or spelling errors.

D- Seriously Flawed Answer

• Partially addresses the question.

• Demonstrates a superficial understanding of the issues.

• Incorporates few of the applicable case law and legal principles in the discussion.

• Lacks organization.

• Contains several grammatical or spelling errors.

F- Fundamentally Flawed Answer

• Fails to address the question.

• Demonstrates a total lack of understanding of the issues.

• Fails to incorporate any of the applicable case law and legal principles in the discussion.

• Lacks organization.

• Contains many grammatical or spelling errors.

The grading rubric assumes that your writing on the exams is legible. Please make sure that your writing

is indeed legible.


Dates Text Pages And Reading



Week of 1/27/09 Friedrich Chapter 1, Pp 1-


Introduction to White Collar Crime (WCC),

defining and comparing WCC offenses, offenders,

how WCC is exposed, reported in the media, public

perception of WCC

Week of 2/3/09 Friedrich Chapter 2, Pp

32 - 55

Studying WCC, research methods, assessing WCC

costs, impact on individual victims as well as

organizational victims, WCC Internet resources

Week of 2/10/09 Friedrich Chapter 3, Pp

57 - 88

Case Study on Unsafe

Food: Chinese imports




Corporate crime, including consumer victimization,

economic exploitation, organizational abuse of

power and fraud, self-dealing, unsafe products and

environmental violations

Week of 2/17/09 Friedrich Chapter 4, Pp

89 - 115

2007 Annual Report on

Medicaid Fraud (New

York Attorney General

website: Media Center,

Occupational crime by doctors, lawyers, clergy,

small business and retail crime, crime by union

members, tax evasion

Page 5 of 7

2008, April, attachment

to April 30th, 2008,

announcement of Annual

Report re: Medicaid fraud

- 33 pp)

Week of 2/24/09 Friedrich Chapter 5, Pp

116 - 143

Article on Judicial

Corruption (“No More

Greylords”, Richard

Lindberg, at, and

“Judiciary Report - Judge

Thomas J. Maloney” at


Governmental crime, including political corruption,

proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, police

corruption and governmental civil rights violations

Week of 3/3/09 Friedrich Chapter 6, Pp

144 - 167

Answers to Case Study

No. 1 Due

Article: “The Genesis of

the BCCI Scandal” by

Nikos Passas, Journal of

Law & Society, Vol. 23

#1, March 1996

Crimes of globalization, including sweatshops,

international monetary networks, banking and

investment frauds and the role of the state in

ratifying WCC

Week of 3/10/09 Friedrich Chapter 7, Pp

168 - 190

Articles: “Corporations,

Organized Crime and the

Disposal of Hazardous

Waste” by Andrew Szasz,

Criminology Vol. 24,

1986, No. 1, pp 1-24, and

“Corporate Profile: Waste

Management Incorporated”


Relationship of organized crime to WCC,

technocrime including identity theft and computer

crime, fraudulent business organizations

Week of 3/17/09 Review and Mid-Term

Week of 3/24/09 Friedrich Chapter 8, Pp

191 - 217

Explaining WCC criminality, organizational

criminality, a review of general theories of crime

Page 6 of 7

Case Study: “Risky

Business Revisited:

White Collar Crime and

the Orange County

Bankruptcy” in Current

Perspectives, pp 77-96

and WCC theories, capitalism and WCC

Week of 4/7/09 Friedrich Chapter 9, Pp

218 - 241

Article: “Fire in Hamlet:

A Case Study of a State-

Corporate Crime” by

Judy Root Aulette &

Raymond Michalowski,

1993 - 6 pp

Historical origins of WCC laws, contemporary

legislative lawmaking including anti-trust, RICO,

OSHA and corporate criminal liability

Week of 4/14/09 Friedrich Chapter 10, Pp

242 - 268

Article: “The Limits of

Coercion and the Case of

I-Gaming Self-

Regulation” by Martin D.

Owens, Jr., at Gaming

Law Review &

Economics, Vol. 12, #2,

2008, pp 93-100, at

Answers to Case Study

No. 2 Due

Law enforcement responses to WCC, regulatory

responses, self-regulation, associations with a role

in controlling WCC, role of attorneys and


Week of 4/21/09 Friedrich Chapter 11, Pp

269 - 295

Article: “Parallel

Proceedings: The

Government’s Double-

Team Approach And the

Degradtion of


Protections” by Christian

Babich, at

Prosecuting, defending and sentencing WCC, Grand

Jury, civil suits as parallel proceedings, plea


Week of 4/28/09 Hypothetical case

scenario - to be


Analysis of appropriate investigative, prosecutorial

and sentencing steps to be taken for a corporate


Page 7 of 7

Article: “Prison Time,

Fines and Federal White

Collar Criminals: The

Anatomy of a Racial

Disparity” by

Schanzenbach & Yaeger,

in Current Perspectives,

pp 249-279

Week of 5/5/09 Friedrich Chapter 12, Pp

296 - 318

WCC Journals Due

Responding to WCC through appropriate sanctions,

including incarceration, fines, restitution,

disbarment, legislative and policy considerations

Week of 5/12/09 Hypothetical case

scenario - to be


Analysis and discussion of various remedial

responses in a WCC case involving a multi-national

corporation engaged in fraud, review for Final


Week of 5/16/09 Final Exam

Saturday, July 25, 2009
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School board authorizes investigation, superintendent takes 'vacation'

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School board authorizes investigation, superintendent takes 'vacation'

Story Published: Jul 24, 2009 at 10:05 AM PDT

Story Updated: Jul 24, 2009 at 10:05 AM PDT

LYNWOOD — The Lynwood school board on Wednesday voted 5-0 authorizing an investigation into certain "concerns" they have regarding the district's management, while Superintendent Dhyan Lal agreed to take his scheduled vacation, effective Thursday.

Board members were told not to disclose details of the investigation, their concerns about the superintendent, or the reasons for their decision to conduct the investigation.

Lal is taking his "vacation" through Aug. 7 on the heels of his annual evaluation, in which board members dedicated two special board meetings earlier this month. Board members, however, have not disclosed any information regarding that evaluation.

“There will come a time when all of that comes forward, but not now,” said a board member who asked not to be identified. “[Plus] it’s a personnel matter, so most likely details about his evaluation may never come out.”

Lal is contracted with the district until October of next year and makes approximately $220,000 a year, with benefits.

The school board currently has two options: To buy out his remaining contract through October 2010, or fire him with cause.

But a source at the district said that that wouldn't be a good idea right now considering the district's current deficit.

“The school board can’t fire him now, because there’s no money to buy him out,” said the district official.
View Oldest Comments First
1:41 PM Ann Jones wrote ...

What got the district going in the wrong direction was the board's pro hispanic agenda. Dr. Lal,Agopian, Kristen Olsen, and all the people Lal has brought in have promoted it, and this is what has led to the downfall of the district. Hiring of employees must not be based on who you are related to, or the color of your skin, but on your skills, abilities, and attitude towards the mission of an educational institution.All the board's relatives and friends need to go.
26781884 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
11:58 AM MACIAS, what a JOKE wrote ...

I agree with the earlier comment. How can Dr. Tumbstra take over Firebaugh when she covered up for Silverion. On a bigger not how can Macias (who openly comments about smoking weed amongst other things) be appointed as Principal of LMS. This is a joke. What this community needs to do is to form a team of highly educated interracial members so that the needs of all students are met. What the community should not allow is the retention and appointment of thieves.
26778914 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
11:53 AM ENOUGH IS ENOGH! wrote ...

I believe that it is time for the community to come together and unite to get rid of all the school board members, superintendent, and those close to them. It is disgusting that so much money has been misappropriated and that no one is being blamed, oh but wait the lynwood teachers were recently forced into taking a pay cut so that the school board would be able to "retain" all of the teachers. Why should others have to pay for their mistakes. Enough is Enough, its time for a community coalition
26778746 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
10:30 AM anonymous wrote ...

how could the board appoint Dr. Townstrom as Principal at Firebaugh when she did not report what was going on with jonas? The Board needs to follow the directions of the DATE team from Los Angeles county office of Education! How could the Board appoint Macias as Principal of Lynwood Middle A Program Improvement school in year 11 when he can't even tie is own shoes? the district is not working! schools are not safe!kids are not learning!staff are not working! security is a joke! sally go away!
26776191 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
9:15 AM same O same O wrote ...

Do you ever remember LUSD with a supt that lasted for more than what their contract calls for? Things that happen in Lynwood are all but for personal reasons mainly politics. What a shame! Lynwood never had a good reputation as far as administrators come and go and board members think they are gods!
26773641 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
12:35 AM Anonymous wrote ...

Alex Landeros for School Board.......Go ALEX! Oh wait.......this isn't Lynwood Watch. Started confusing these two sites.
26761887 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
12:34 AM Anonymous wrote ...

Alex Landeros for School Board.......Go ALEX! Oh wait.......this isn't Lynwood Watch. Started confusing these two sites.
26761881 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
10:48 PM Concerned Citizen wrote ...

Unfortunately, On August 7, Lal will be back from vacation to continue running the district further down. Board's answer that they are broke and can't buy him out is another example of why the Board, Lal and his buddies need to go! District is broke because of Board and Lal.
26744149 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
9:48 PM A HAPPY MOM wrote ...

WOW! GOOD Job School Board. We are happy to see that you guys are moving our district forward. This man was simply done.
26741456 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
4:52 PM Anon wrote ...

Block scheduling is the worst idea ever. How would you like to be confinded to one room for 2 hours. A teacher shouldn't have to plan a 2 hour lesson either, teacher abuse!
26722587 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
4:37 PM anonymous wrote ...

If anyone would take the time to check, the downward spiral of test scores probably coincides with the advent of block scheduling. Block scheduling is not only counter productive, it is a form of child abuse. How many people in Lynwood are aware that Dr. Lal and his wife wrote a book about block scheduling? Were they using the students of LUSD as guinea pigs??
26721714 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
8:14 AM To Anonymous wrote ...

don't you see that all these people were in league with silverio. finally uncovering silverio simply shed light on all the other stuff that has been going on. it's silly to think that if only the sivlerio business would have stayed undercover, everything would be fine. things would just carry on, dirty and corrupt as ever. the district was already in really bad trouble; most people simply did not realize how very bad it was. silverio's downfall is actually a blessing for the entire district.
26699032 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
Thursday, Jul 23 at 1:16 PM Cooncerned Observer wrote ...

This district struggles so much! It needs to be taken over by the state for a few years. The board would be put on leave and let the big "clean up" begin! With this level of disfunction at the top level of administration, the students in Lynwood USD are being severely short changed!
26643729 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
Thursday, Jul 23 at 1:16 PM RAM wrote ...

The entire district is full of corruption! Down at the end the ones that always lose are the students!!! Next elections, please remember all the bad decisions that the board of education has's time to clean the house; let's not forget that they did not care for the students, don't re-elect them.
26643712 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
Thursday, Jul 23 at 1:14 PM Anonymous wrote ...

Silverio is bring down the whole district, he's the ball that gott everything rolling. Thanks Silverio.
26643569 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
Thursday, Jul 23 at 11:56 AM anonymous wrote ...

Just because the board approved an investigation doesn't mean they should be applauded. Solache needs to go as well as the rest of that board. Remember they allowed Lal to to take this district into a downward spiral. Solache was also the saving vote to keep Lal a few years ago.
26637277 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
Thursday, Jul 23 at 8:49 AM Anonymous wrote ...

Eliminate block schedulling.
26621239 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
Thursday, Jul 23 at 7:56 AM Concerned Citizen wrote ...

investigate all his cronies too...Otto, Nichols,Stapp, Janet,Seko Zim, Kevin, they are all in to blame. Why is it that these individuals stay behind and continue his corrupt legacy. Enough is enough...they should look into district and FHS budgets as well. Good job Board and BJ. The alliance was long overdo.
26617402 Inappropriate? Alert Us!
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Posted by Wayne Kurtz
My short term goal in life is to place Joseph Nichols and Dhan Lal in State prison for child endangerment and malicious harassment as well as Federal "hate crimes." Witnesses, please come forward to me, a former Enlish/linguistics teacher at Firebaugh in 2006-2007.
Sat Jul 25 2009 18:10:23 GMT-0700 (PDT)
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Most Popular

* School board authorizes investigation, superintendent takes 'vacation'
* School board members receive recall notices
* Former principal’s arrest raises questions
* School board votes to cut employees' pay by 3%
* Former Firebaugh principal accused of lewd acts with students
* Victim identified as LAPD officer's son
* Budget deal seen as serious blow to Black communities
* The Gardens nears completion
* School board reviews superintendent
* Filing opens for November city, school board elections

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